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How Our Process Works

Here we layout and explain the steps in the workflow to take your home from BLAH to AMAZING! Each step below helps you educate yourself on the entire process, soup to nuts, start to finish, of interviewing our team to renovate your home, from preparing to make your first phone call, to making design decisions, to the final invoice and posting a Five-Star review. Are you Ready? Lets get started with step 1 below.


Step 1: Decide to improve your home

Congratulations! You've decided you want to start a home renovation project! Maybe this is an exciting way to reward yourself for working hard at the office, and saving up some money to pamper yourself. Or perhaps this is an unexpected weather related repair that needs to be addressed before more damage occurs. Either way, our team is standing by, ready to guide you on this journey, holding your hand, and walking you through the process, step-by-step.


Step 2: Search for a contractor

We're proud to say that our clients have frequently THANKED us for taking the Fear out of Hiring a Contractor. But how do you start the process of searching for someone you can TRUST to be respectful of your spouse and kids and pets, who you can TRUST to take care of your entire home, and not just the project they are going to be working on, who you can TRUST with your deposit check, that they'll actually show up to do the work, when they say they will? We're working hard to bring RESPECT back to the Trades by taking OUTSTANDING care of our clients.


Step 3: Read our reviews

Stories of families being taken advantage of by Scammers, Con-Artists, Liars, Storm Chasers, and wannabe contractors who can't find a job due to prior criminal convictions, or addictions to drugs and alcohol but who manage to pass themselves off as Chuck-in-a-Truck or Dan-in-a-Van are constantly in the local television news for some Rip-off service they promised to offer, and never delivered on. And sure, sometimes they get arrested or sued, but most times, you can't find them to take them to court, and even if you can, the time and the energy, and the cost involved to do so, takes you away from everything else you'd rather be doing. We've even read some stories about uninsured contractors getting hurt while working on a client's home, only for that same contractor to then turn around and sue the client for the medical bills related to their allegedly "injury." Just ask the agent who provides your Homeowners Insurance policy. Its a NIGHTMARE!


Step 4: Contact us

The first 3 milestones along this home improvement journey are typically steps that homeowners take on their own before they ever speak to a contractor. That's not to say that on occasion, we haven't had a homeowner see us working on a neighbor's home, which prompts a conversation that bypasses those first 3 steps, but that's more of an exception, rather than a regular occurence. Step 4 is where you take action to pick up the phone or send a message online to start a conversation with our team.


Step 5: Virtual estimate system (VES)

Can we schedule an estimate? YES! If you are sitting around the house wishing you had more space, thinking about finishing your basement, or dreaming about a new kitchen, grab your smartphone and a tape measure…take some photos of the space, grab a few measurements and you'll be on your way to an estimate. We're ready to help you design those dream renovation projects.

Our Executive Leadership team established a Virtual Estimate System (VES) in the spring of 2016, allowing our office staff to leverage technology to provide free ballparks and estimates, with your help. We simply ask our clients to grab their smartphones and send us a few wide-shot photos and a description of their project, along with a couple of basic measurements.


Step 6: Target Renovation Budget

Sharing your TRB allows our team to effectively leverage our years of experience to make a narrow range of recommendations that will keep the contract price of your project in-line with Target Renovation Budget. It also allows our team to provide an prompt and courteous up-front reality check when clients bring us plans and sample photos for a $60,000 basement renovation, and inform us that their TRB is $15,000. This polite reality check saves our clients a lot of time, and undue frustration of going through an entire quoting process, only to learn their budget won't provide the outcome they are seeking and allows us to make cost saving recommendations or master plan a multi-phase renovation that will meet the immediate needs, while staying within the budget and also sets our clients up for success and cost-savings when they are ready to move into phase 2 because provisions were included in phase 1.


Step 7: On-site consultation (OSC), Design, or Proposal meeting

The next step is an on-site visit where a member of our field staff will come out to do the work writing up a detailed scope of work, taking measurements along with any additional photos we need, discussing design elements and your preferences and collecting any additional information we need in order to properly price materials and quote the labor required to complete your project. If you are having any pressing problems, we may attempt to apply a temporary patch, until we can sign an agreement and schedule our crew to make a proper repair.


Step 8: Review our formal quote or home improvement agreement

After the On-Site Proposal Meeting or Consultation, we're going to provide you with a formal quote, detailing the full scope of work and materials to be used, or we may skip straight to providing you a contract with even more details.

If you don't want to get ripped off, you need to hire a contractor who provides you with a proper contract, in compliance with the Pennsylvania Home Improvement Consumer Protection Law, act 132 which you can use to hold them accountable, if they fail to meet their obligations.


Step 9: Finish your due diligence in screening us

Your home is a valuable asset, so make sure to care for it and upgrade it with care. This is why hiring trusted Contractors are a must! Here is an example of a horror story of what happens if you don't. Here are the four things you must ask a contractor to make sure they are trustworthy and legitimate.

1. Ask for their PA Home Improvement Contractor Registration Number - by law it must be printed on their advertising materials

2. Ask them to provide you with a certificate of insurace

3. Ask to see a cmoplete home improvement agreement - it must comply with the legal requirements of the PA Consumer Protection Act 132

4. Ask for References and to see online clickable, verifiable, local reviews and recommendations


Step 10: Sign the agreement and return it with your deposit

Think we missed something? Feel like the scope of work or the material specifications aren't clear enough? Give us a call and speak to our Project Consulting Team. Asking for additions or corrections to the project specifications in item 5 is a simple and routine matter. Don't be scared. If something seems ambiguous or confusing, or if you through we were going to do XYZ while we were there, and you don't see it on the agreement, PLEASE call and ask us about it. We are really good at what we do, but sometimes we make mistakes. Sometimes, there is a mis-communication, or a mis-understanding. Our home improvement agreement is designed to be that stop-gap measure that both our team, and our clients can use to ensure we are all on the same page, before we start ordering materials and the renovation begins. We promise you won't hurt our feelings. Please ask if you don't understand something, or think we left something out.


Step 11: Scheduling the work

Once the Design is finalized, and the material selections are made, the next questions we are frequently asked revolve around topic of scheduling. This video will explain our scheduling practices and policies.

Read our FAQs HERE!


Step 12: preparing for your renovation

Preparing property for a contractor to work in your home is essential to ensuring a great renovation experience. This article & video will give you a list of helpful tips to ensuring your family is ready for your contractor's arrival. Proper preparation will help ensure the best chance our team being able to complete your project on-time and on-budget, and it will make the experience far more pleasant for you and your family, when we're all on the same page regarding the expectations and procedures.



Step 13: what to expect during your remodel

Nobody likes surprises! In this article, we're going to give you the inside scope that you can mentally prepare your expectations for the general daily schedule and get a sense for what this could look like when our crews roll up to start work on your home.

See article HERE!


Step 14: The Big Reveal!

If you caught a case of Renovation Fatigue you are probably excited to know you are just a few short hours from writing the final check and kicking us out of your home so you can get back to peace and quiet in your castle. But in your excitement, now is a good time to make some written notes about the journey, or the best parts about working with our team. Take a few photos of the finished space before you move in. While it’s not likely we’re going to assemble your whole neighborhood, roll you up in a limousine, and start chanting, “MOVE THAT BUS,” this is a WIN you are going to want to celebrate for years to come, and it’s a feeling you are going to want to remember. You worked hard for this. You saved your money for this! You deserve to take a few minutes, and a few photos, to ensure you can remember how AMAZING this moment felt, for years to come.

What Our Customers Say...

As a local business, it's essential for us to have online reviews. It boosts trust and credibility with the community and potential clients who rely on the authentic comments from previous clients. They also help drive our online visibility and traffic to make sure we stand out in local search engines. This is why we're so focused on customer satisfaction and keeping your home safe and healthy for years to come!